The Dutch way of living

Live today, think about tomorrow

At Delft Denim we combine the Dutch values ​​of quality and sustainability in every pair of jeans. Our jeans, made with an eye for detail and a perfect fit, contribute to a better future for future generations.

All you have to do is enjoy your jeans, easy right?


The rich history, culture and art traditions of Delft form the heart of our brand. You experience these influences in every pair of jeans, from the unique colors to the detailed logos and finishes.

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A good life looks different for everyone. Whether you enjoy moments with loved ones, travel, or immerse yourself in music and art, Delft Denim is by your side. Whatever it is, we encourage you to live life to the fullest.

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Wearing beautiful clothes does not have to be at the expense of future generations. By choosing recycled materials, efficient logistics and minimal water use, we are committed to a greener future. At Delft Denim we think about tomorrow.


"Find yourself in every stitch"


Delft Denim believes in making jeans in a traditional way. Craftsmanship and love for the craft come together in every trouser and you can see that. We only make high-quality jeans where attention has been paid to every detail. All this with respect for the profession, the professionals and the environment. That makes Delft Denim jeans unique and timeless.

Stijlvol, Comfortabel, Duurzaam

Het leven is onvoorspelbaar, maar onze spijkerbroeken? Altijd een zekerheidje. Strak in design, los in beweging.

In een wereld van vluchtige swipes, willen wij echt connectie maken. Pak die momenten, in spijkerbroek, die niet alleen jouw stijl, maar ook je geweten passen. Duurzame kleding, dat voelt niet alleen goed, het ís goed. Samen maken we een verschil, comfortabel en stijlvol.

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