Green, Stylish & Irresistible

At Delft Denim we are those types who believe that fashion is more than following the herd. Yes, we love style and timeless flair, but let's be honest: sustainability is the real trendsetter. Our jeans? They were made with a nod to tomorrow and a high-five for today.

Trends? We pick them up, but always with a green heart. Wear Delft Denim and you're actually saying: 'Hey, world, I care about you!'. And you know, that feels pretty good.

Now, about our fabric choice: organic cotton, recycled cotton, a pinch of recycled elastane – sounds like the recipe for an eco-chic party, right? This mix not only ensures less environmental impact, but also means that you put on your pants and think: 'Fits like a glove, feels like a second skin'.

So, why choose Delft Denim? Easy. It's an investment in a pair of jeans that not only look great, but also whisper, "I'm green, and I'm proud of it."

Look, this is the basics. Pure cotton, the mother of all denim. We at Delft Denim, we don't do it ourselves - growing and twisting this white gold. But we do choose it as if we were a Michelin star restaurant selecting the best ingredients. So yes, our jeans start with this rope, with a supplier who knows what he is doing. Soon you will wear it and you may think: 'What a good choice'.

There you have it, the blue that doesn't just fall from the sky. A palette of blue shades that our supplier puts together with surgical precision. We stand on the sidelines and nod approvingly. 'Good job', we think. Our jeans, your second skin, they all start here. We don't take it lightly, but it isn't difficult either. It's denim, you know. Blue, comfortable, and oh yes, also responsible.

In a world of mass production, somewhere far away, there are looms that make our fabric. Not here, but somewhere where they're better at that kind of thing. Weaving denim, it is an art in itself. We have outsourced it, but we fully support it. Sustainable, high-quality and with a story. A story that we did not write ourselves, but that we are proud of. Delft Denim: we choose our partners as we choose our friends - carefully.


First and foremost, we use sustainable fabrics. To start with, a blend of organic and recycled cotton and recycled elastane that gives the pants a little bit of stretch and increases comfort. Produced by an innovative fabric manufacturer who has made its production process as sustainable as possible and has thus significantly reduced the use of water.

We also try to keep our supply chain as short as possible. Our fabric manufacturer has its own cotton fields, and the trousers are produced as close to the fabrics as possible.

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It is produced using organic farming methods that promote the health of ecosystems, soil and people. Organic cotton is often more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional cotton because it uses less water and does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. This makes it a popular material for sustainable clothing and textile products. Read our extensive blog about organic cotton here.

We use pre-consumer recycled cotton. This is cotton that is recovered from production waste, such as cutting waste and leftover fabrics, that are created during the manufacturing process of textile products. This process involves collecting and reusing these materials before they are considered waste. Using pre-consumer recycled cotton reduces waste in the textile industry and extends the life cycle of the materials, contributing to more sustainable production practices.