"How you dress determines how you feel"

Our Beginning

Delft Denim originated from a boyhood dream, that of Delft resident Bas Visser to be precise. In addition to his permanent job, Bas founded Delft Denim in 2022. To finally make his dream come true, to honor his beloved Delft, but also to live more from his heart. When he was already well into his 30s, he realized that you can do anything you want, as long as you give it 100%. This is how Delft Denim came to life and he is proud of that.
He wants to pass on that feeling with his trousers; You determine the course of your own life, do what makes you happy and be proud. And to honor our Dutch roots, of course, because we can be proud of that too.

Vrienden op een terras met een biertje - Delft Denim
Tight in your jeans, loose in life

Our life

Our life is like a pair of jeans: sometimes tight, sometimes loose, but always in motion. At Delft Denim we say: high time to press the pause button. We stand for connection, real contact. Turn off that phone, take a good look at each other.

We bring the jeans, you bring the moments. Together? Now that's enjoyment.

Feel Good, Do Good

Our Purpose

Delft Denim pants? It must fit like a glove, both for your body and your conscience. We ensure that perfect fit and a style that stands out. But we also think about tomorrow: every pair of jeans contributes to a better world.

We think about the choices we make and think about now and tomorrow. That feels good, right?

Vriendinnen schenken champagne in - Delft Denim

We provide durable, quality clothing so that all you have to do is enjoy.

To really enjoy yourself, quality and attention are perhaps the most important.

Quality ensures comfort on your body, craftsmanship and good fabrics ensure durability.

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