Eenvoudig en duurzaam: gerecycled katoen in onze spijkerbroeken

Simple and sustainable: recycled cotton in our jeans

Recycled cotton

How can wearing jeans made from recycled cotton have a positive impact on our planet? And how easy is it to take this step? We will explain it to you in detail. 

Recycled cotton and organic cotton

Let's start by explaining what recycled cotton actually is. By recycled cotton we mean both pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled cotton. Post-consumer means that new fabrics are made from old, worn clothing and these fabrics are used to create a 'new' garment. 

Pre-consumer recycled cotton is made from residual materials and production surpluses, giving waste a new life and reducing the impact on the environment. A sustainable option for producing clothing. Our trousers contain pre-consumer recycled cotton, so that at Delft Denim you can enjoy today, but also think about tomorrow. 

The factory that makes the fabrics for our jeans not only uses recycled cotton, but also organic cotton in the fabrics. This cotton is grown on our own organic cotton fields in order to keep the production process in-house. Organic cotton uses less water and uses much fewer pesticides so that everything that lives around the cotton plants also stays alive. In addition, the cotton fields are close to the factory so that emissions from transport are limited. 

Better Cotton Initiative 

The icing on the cake is that our fabric supplier is affiliated with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Companies that are committed to a better environment and therefore a more sensible way of producing cotton have joined this initiative. Together they have agreed on a more sustainable way of producing cotton. They adhere to the following six agreements: 

  • The harmful impact of crop protection on the environment is limited;
  • Water is used efficiently and water availability is ensured;
  • Healthy soil is provided;
  • Natural habitats are maintained;
  • Good quality fabric is provided;
  • Work is done in a decent manner. 

By choosing our jeans, you make a conscious and sustainable choice, without having to be an environmental activist or having to compromise on style, comfort and quality. Delft Denim makes it very easy for you to make a difference in the world. Besides the fact that you make a sensible choice with our jeans, they also fit fantastic! 

In Delft Denim trousers you enjoy today and consciously think about tomorrow.