Waar blijven de broeken? - Delft Denim

Where are the pants?

We hear you thinking: “When can I finally order Delft Denim jeans?”

Your patience has been tested for some time, we get it. Developing a completely new pair of jeans and all aspects surrounding it takes a lot of time. Of course, we could also have chosen to take the shortcut and quickly throw together a pair of jeans so that real Delft Denim can be ordered quickly, but that is not who we are and how we work. 

Delft Denim stands for high quality and sustainability and not 'just' trousers that can be thrown back into the container in a year, maybe two. No, as far as we are concerned, you will wear our jeans for years and you will be happy every time you put them on. And that requires craftsmanship, making choices, testing, trying, back to the drawing board, testing again and remaining critical. We do all of this with you in mind. Because you are the ones we do it for and who we think about all day long. We have only one goal in mind: to make everyone's life even better.


Okay, great that the process takes a long time, but what will the future look like?  

The good news is that we have now received the first prototype. We have recently shared some details of this on our Socials. The washing and further finishing is still very basic and requires the necessary adjustments, so further work is being done on this. However, this first prototype has given us a good idea of what works and what doesn't, and we endlessly examine the jeans inside and out to see what could be improved. Every stitch is meticulously done by our hands.   

Before we start the sampling process with our final fabric, we will make final decisions in the coming weeks about washings and the fabrics we will use in the jeans. For example, boyfriend jeans will contain little or no elastane, so they fit comfortably and have a cool fit, and the tighter models will move with the body a little more easily.


By the end of this year we expect to start sampling and ironing out the final wrinkles in the designs. After a lot of tweaking and twisting, we expect to have our pre-production sample in hand at the beginning of 2024, after which we can finally start official production. All this will take several months and we expect to have all the jeans in by the summer. Then there are photo shoots with our models and at the end of summer we are going to launch and you can order your ideal Delft Denim model. Make sure you don't miss it and be one of our Delft Denim pioneers!